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Church & Venue A/V/L Specialist

At Spangler Media, we understand that each church, auditorium, and event facility has a unique set of challenges.  We tailor all of our services to fit your specific needs, avoiding common pitfalls that often accompany a "system-in-a-box" approach.  Here are a few examples of what we offer:  (Click each one for more info!)

Acoustical Treatment

A commonly overlooked and misunderstood area, acoustical treatment can make or break an otherwise great audio installation. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop several methods to treat your room. We have offerings from industry leading manufacturers, as well as our own, unique built in place options. Weather you'd like stylish, bright colors, or more refined options that blend in with the decor of your space, we've got solutions that will meet your needs.

Audio Systems

In a church environment, we consider the audio system to be among the most critical items in the technical space.  Ultimately, the audio system is what delivers the message that is being presented.  We design each system to meet the specific requirements of your space, while keeping the sound as natural and unobtrusive as possible.  From lively, jump up and down worship, to a single speaking voice, we design your system to deliver the message clearly.


Shadows and harsh lighting can be a distraction to your audience or congregation, create issues for video cameras, and (literally) cause headaches for those on the platform.  Proper lighting and control systems can serve to improve or eliminate these issues, and can transform the visual feel of your space.  From the very basic, to options that can add all sorts of colors and effects, we offer lighting fixtures that are suited for your needs.  Energy efficiency is also becoming more and more important as energy costs continue to rise.  We carry many highly energy efficient L.E.D. lighting fixtures and retrofit lamp options that can make an immediate impact on your energy usage.


Weather you have a single song to record in the studio, or a live concert event, we have the tools to capture your performance in the highest quality standards. The entire end-to-end recording process can be done in our facility - from capturing the initial performance, to editing and overdubs, to mixing and mastering. Even if you have a song, but no musicians, we've got you covered.


Training is one of the most important aspects of a successful technology installation, yet it is far too often overlooked. We include training with every installation, and offer additional training services regardless of where your equipment came from. Classes range from "101" style classes for beginners to advanced classes to help your technical crew excel at their craft.

Video Display

We've found that one of the most rapidly adopted technologies in the church has become video displays. Combinations of video cameras, computer software, and correctly sized screen(s) for your space can add important visual elements to keep your congregation engaged during the message and worship time. There are many advantages over printed media. When in electronic form, songs and lyrics can be added, scripture can be displayed, sermon points can be presented, and when appropriate, a live image can be shown.

Web Streaming

With today's technology, broadcasting your service or event over the Internet has never been easier! We offer end-to-end solutions, to make your service or live event available to anyone with an Internet connection. Even the most basic, single camera-on-a-stick webcast can elevate the experience for those who cannot be physically present. Several of our solutions will auto-archive whatever you decide to broadcast, so that it can be viewed at a later time.

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